What is a Marketing Strategy?

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A marketing strategy is simply a guide for you to follow as you create content.”

You might hear the phrase “marketing strategy” when you talk to a marketing company. But what does that even mean? Unfortunately, “marketing strategy” is one of those terms that goes unexplained.

Terms that aren’t explained become buzzwords. And the longer they go unexplained, those buzzwords will grow less and less meaningful.

Let’s fix that.

What is a Marketing Strategy?

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is an organized marketing plan that informs you and your team about the goals, themes, and methods of marketing you plan to use to achieve a specific goal. A marketing strategy when properly put together will enable you to know what you are doing, when you are doing it, and what you are trying to achieve through it.

How does it work?

A marketing strategy is simply a guide for you to follow as you create content. It is the tool you will use to measure what you create against what you wanted to create. When you enter the creative world of marketing, you can’t reach expectations that you don’t set. Your marketing strategy helps you set your expectations at the start so you can know that what you have created meets your standards.

You will also be able to tell when something doesn’t fit with your strategy. Sometimes, you may have a great idea that doesn’t fit with the rest of your content. You will be able to identify this content more easily and be able to either re-work the content to fit or archive it for the future.

How often should you change your strategy?

Marketing strategies need to be analyzed often. The strategy should change when your goals change. That doesn’t mean that your strategy will be completely new every time. You may only need to update certain elements of your strategy to better fit your audience or to address concerns that have arisen or changed. Or you may realize that your original strategy no longer is aligned with your company’s goals, and at that point a completely new strategy may be required.

Your strategy should be checked frequently, but it should only be changed when it is necessary.

Developing your Marketing Strategy

When building your strategy, you need to be organized and methodical. To help you stay organized and create a strategy you can be proud of, we have put together a marketing strategy worksheet that you can use. We will be discussing this worksheet in our free marketing course (see below), which is still available for another couple weeks. Or if you would like to get a one on one strategy consultation, you can get a free strategy session with us as well. Whatever you decide to do, remember that success requires action.

We have created a marketing training course available only to those who sign up below that includes a monthly zoom strategy call, and a private discord group where you will get to ask questions, get answers, strategies, and customized solutions that will make marketing work for your business.

Confused about whether this is the right fit or need specific answers now? Schedule a free strategy call to get you started!

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Download: Your Marketing Strategy Worksheet

This is one of the key resources we’ll be reviewing and explaining during the first LIVE Zoom Strategy Class for the Marketing Course.

This worksheet will help define your voice, services and how you solve your customer’s problems. Defining your business clearly and quickly is a challenge for many and this worksheet is designed to get you on the right track for building your marketing content successfully.

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