How to Impress and Engage Leads From Hello

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Creating a strong initial impression with your leads is the only way to get sales quickly and to nurture a lasting relationship for future sales.

At Blu Bambu, we’ve refined our approach to not only impress leads from the beginning but also to maintain their interest, show genuine care, and provide unmatched value at every step of the engagement process.

Here’s how we achieve this, along with some key takeaways for businesses aiming to elevate their lead engagement strategies. And when you’re ready to build your own process, we’ve created an e-Book that highlights some of the principles we used to create our system.

Download, “Building Impressions That Stick.”

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Our Process

Initial Contact

The journey begins with the initial contact, which is the first step in establishing a relationship. Most of our initial contacts happen either by phone, or through LinkedIn. We ensure our first interaction is personalized, timely, and reflective of our brand’s enthusiasm and supportiveness. We leverage our research and knowledge to tailor our messages, making sure we address the potential needs or pain points of our leads.

Our goal is to ensure that our first contact with our potential clients forms the foundation for friendly, long-term interactions.

Automated Follow-up

Next we focus on the follow-up. Most leads are lost because businesses don’t follow-up within the first 48 hours. That’s why we use automation to our advantage. Automated follow-up messages are scheduled to ensure our leads know they’re heard and valued right from the start.

We have automations for whether our leads reply to us or not. If they reply, we send them the brochure described below. But if they don’t reply, our system notifies us to follow up with them manually.

When we are busy, automation keeps leads from turning sour before we can get to them. It also ensures that every client receives the same, high-quality attention that they deserve.

But keeping the conversation going through automation is only the initial step in our follow-up plan.


Next we send a digital brochure detailing our services. But our brochures are not just informational; they’re designed to inspire. By providing a visually appealing and comprehensive overview of our services, we aim to educate our leads about how Blu Bambu can help unleash their brand’s hidden potential. This is our first opportunity to demonstrate value, showcasing our expertise and how it aligns with their goals.


After we’ve sent a brochure, we continue our conversations with email. Our email communication is tailored to demonstrate our deep understanding of our lead’s challenges and aspirations. These emails are not only informative but also empathetic, reinforcing our commitment to collaborative growth. Each message is crafted to echo our brand’s voice—confident, collaborative, and results-driven.

And yes, we automate many of these emails. But how do we keep automated emails from sounding impersonal? By taking a moment to personalize them. Just because it’s automated doesn’t mean we don’t see it, or adjust it. We personalize emails to speak to our audience. But we don’t have to remember to hit the send button at just the right time.

Follow-up Content

Next we focus on consistency. Consistency in outreach is vital. Our follow-up content, whether through emails, texts, direct messages, or calls, is designed to be engaging and valuable. We use these tools to ensure our messages reach our leads in the format they prefer, always aiming to provide insights that can help them grow their business even before they ever decide to partner with us.


Once we’ve gained trust and earned a chance to speak with our audience, we enter the consultation phase. The consultation phase is where we dive deeper into understanding our lead’s business and how we can help. This personalized interaction is pivotal in showing that we genuinely care about their success. In our consultations we demonstrate that we are excellent listeners, ensuring that every concern and goal is acknowledged and addressed.

And then we customize the solutions to fit our clients needs. At the end of the day, we want our clients to be successful. Your success is our success.

Consultation Notes

Post-consultation, we provide detailed notes that outline our understanding of the consultation discussion, proposed solutions, and the next steps. This document serves as a testament to our attentive and personalized approach, ensuring that our leads feel valued and understood. And it presents an easy way for our audience to analyze our proposal and start working with us.


  1. Be Available Quickly: Quick responses signal to leads that their business and time are valued. Automation plays a key role in achieving this without compromising personalization.
  2. Be Consistent in Your Outreach: Consistency builds trust. Using various tools ensures that your message is always where your leads are most active.
  3. Provide Value Up Front: Whether through brochures, emails, or follow-up content, providing actionable insights upfront helps in building a relationship based on trust and mutual benefit.
  4. Use a Variety of Tools: People have different preferences for communication. Employing emails, texts, direct messages, and calls ensures that you are always in their preferred space.
  5. Show Them That You Care: From the personalized initial contact to the detailed consultation notes, every step should reflect that you genuinely care about their success and are there to support them.

In Conclusion

At Blu Bambu, our approach to impressing leads from the beginning is deeply intertwined with our brand’s core values of enthusiasm, supportiveness, and creativity. By focusing on being quick to respond, consistent in our messaging, valuable in our content, versatile in our communication tools, and genuine in our care, we set the stage for winning sales and establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients. This strategy not only showcases our unique selling points but also solidifies our position as a leader in driving growth, collaboration, and results for our clients.

But don’t let your first impressions fall flat. In our free ebook, you’ll discover how to make every encounter with potential clients impactful while drastically improving your odds of winning the sale. Download “Building Impressions That Stick” now and start your journey towards creating connections that not only last but flourish.

And as always, if you have any questions about how to market to your leads better, we are available for a free consultation to help you figure out how to get started.

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