Not Your Average Growth Agency

We empower businesses to magnetize leads, optimize conversions, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Overcome Marketing Fatigue with Blu Bambu

  • Are you struggling with generating leads and overseeing your marketing by yourself?
  • Are you tired of fighting with limited time or expertise to only get mediocre results?
  • Overwhelmed with charting your business growth and unsure of your marketing direction?
  • Are you wishing you could maintain consistent and effective outreach beyond an occasional campaign?

If you are ready to get past the constant struggle and fatigue that come from doing your own marketing, Blu Bambu has solutions tailor-made for you.

More Than Just A Marketing And Growth Agency

Through our unique Growth Ecosystem process, we empower businesses to magnetize leads, optimize conversions, and strengthen customer loyalty. In every service we provide, from strategy development to video production, our focus remains consistent – driving your revenue up.

Confident, Collaborative, Inclusive, Results-driven

At Blu Bambu, we don’t see you as just another business; we recognize your drive, determination, and unique challenges. Our ultimate goal is to inspire you to dream bigger, reach higher, and transform your aspirations into reality. We are passionately dedicated to not only advancing your business marketing and growth knowledge, but also serving as your experienced guide in the business realm.

Our foundation is built on deep expertise, genuine understanding, and an unwavering desire to inspire. With Blu Bambu by your side, you won’t navigate your business growth alone. Together we can create a future where your business doesn’t just grow – it soars!

Why Choose Blu Bambu

Business growth is a collaborative journey, not just a destination. Our diverse team of experts ensures every solution is tailored, innovative, and efficient, echoing your brand’s unique voice.

Our hallmark? Transparent, frequent communication through every project phase, facilitated by our state-of-the-art client portal. But our true differentiator is the Growth Ecosystem Advantage—a system that seamlessly interconnects services to actual growth, ensuring your trajectory is meteoric. And as you journey with us, expect a transformative experience, one where you’ll emerge with not only top-tier solutions but also a revitalized, enlightened perspective on your business mission.

Carlos Mireles

CEO & Founder

Hi, I’m Carlos Mireles, founder of Blu Bambu.

I’m passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and achieve their goals. With over 20 years of experience in a range of fields, from film and video production to web development and business development, I bring a unique perspective to the table.

My love for design began at a young age when I would sketch logos for fun for big brands like Vans, Billabong, and Coca Cola. Today, that passion for storytelling is at the heart of what we do at Blu Bambu. Our clients benefit from my experience as a talented communicator and growth expert who knows how to effectively leverage today’s technology to reach my client’s goals.

My team and I have successfully helped hundreds of businesses with their growth goals, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t in the world of business growth. In a crowded and confusing landscape, we can help you cut through the noise and connect with your ideal audience in a friendly and effective way impacting your business down to your bottom line (ching 💸 ching).

Meet Your Team

Blu Bambu is more than a growth or marketing agency. We’re a dedicated team that
will work alongside you to achieve more than you dreamed possible.

Carlos Mireles

Creative Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Web Developer & Designer

Celia Herrera

Lead Designer, Web Developer, Videographer, Editor & Director of Photography

Nathan Dion

Lead Copywriter & Strategist

Shams Uz Zaman

Website Developer

James Andrew Dorado

UX & Branding Graphic Designer

Agustín Miguel Fiorio

Video Producer, Editor, Animator

Shiela Irish Del Poso

Business Development & VA Representative

Gerelyn Brotonel

Customer Service Liaison

Raul Ramirez Jr.

Paid Advertiser

Rachel Chesbrough

Copywriter & Script Writer

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