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“Getting content from inside your head onto the page can feel like trying to pull an elephant through a keyhole.”

Making your own video.

Content Creation: Making it Happen

Getting content from inside your head onto the page can feel like trying to pull an elephant through a keyhole. And often what comes out doesn’t even come close to what you had imagined. We understand the challenge. Today, we are going to pull back the curtain a bit and show you how our process works.

Repeat the Theme

Everything starts with the main point of the campaign. We look at what we are trying to accomplish, and discuss how each piece of content corresponds to that original goal. We may adjust the idea for the content to better fit what we want to convey with the content. We will also compare the content to the other content around it. Articles such as this one are compared to the previous weeks articles, and our plans for future articles. Once we have restated the theme and how the content we are creating relates to it we are ready for the next step.

Define the Response

We can’t create good content if we don’t know what we want people to do with it. Do we want our audience to visit a landing page? Do we want them to schedule a call or contact us? By determining what the conclusion for the article will be, we can design and build the rest of the content to reach that goal without sounding disjointed.

Outline and Execute

If you want to create quality content, you need to outline. Most of the time when people who try to create content stare at a page for hours, it’s because they don’t know what to say or create next. Creating a simple outline will help you identify what you want to say, what’s really important, and how you want to organize your thoughts. Outlining will also give you a chance to break down the task into smaller more easily completed segments.

Once you have organized your content, you can actually begin creating the content. Whether that means recording a video, writing content like social media posts, articles, or emails, or taking pictures, having the creation process outlined and assigned will help you create something you can be proud of.

In Conclusion

If you are still a little confused about creating your own content, download our “Find Your Voice” guide which includes some great tips for creating content. Or if you would like to speak to us about how to make it work, schedule a free strategy call to get some personalized help from our team. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

We have created a marketing training course available only to those who sign up below that includes a monthly zoom strategy call, and a private discord group where you will get to ask questions, get answers, strategies, and customized solutions that will make marketing work for your business.

Confused about whether this is the right fit or need specific answers now? Schedule a free strategy call to get you started!

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