5 Ways to Stay In Front of Your Customers

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Engaging customers for repeat sales is not only a good idea, it is a must.”

3 Reasons You Should Start Your Marketing Now

On average it takes 7 interactions, times of seeing ads and being contacted before a person buys a product. But what happens next? What do you do after someone decides to be your customer?

For a majority of companies, the answer is nothing. Once a person becomes a customer once, they move on to the next customer. But that method doesn’t build long term success. Engaging customers for repeat sales is not only a good idea, it is a must for businesses that want to thrive.

5 Ways to Stay In Front of your Customers

Here are 5 methods you can use to engage with current and former customers for repeat sales:

Email marketing

Email campaigns can be spammy if they aren’t done right. Email campaigns should add value to your customer’s lives. And when they do, they give your customers another reason to come back to you or recommend you to others.

Ringless Voice Drops

Want to call people and just leave a message? You can use ringless voicemail drops to send prerecorded messages without actually calling and risking having them answer.

Post Cards and Mailers

It may seem old and out dated, but post cards and mailers work. Depending on your customer base, tangible things like post cards can connect better than emails or digital coupons.

LinkedIn – Direct Messaging & Tagging in videos and posts

LinkedIn is a growing platform for connecting with current and former customers. You can tag them in videos and posts or send them messages. Just remember to add value to their feed not just content.

Targeted Messages to Dormant Contacts

If you haven’t heard from a customer or potential customer, reach out to them again. A phone call to see how they are doing or an email reminding them about an incomplete order can help win them over.

In Conclusion

Getting repeat customers can help turn your business into a competitive force. Don’t let one time purchases turn into one-time only opportunities. Using these 5 strategies can help, when you use them in your follow-up strategy. If you don’t have a follow-up strategy, we are here to help. Check out the download below and set up a free consultation with Blu Bambu today!


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