Why Your Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work

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“You should start a Facebook page.” “Are you on Instagram?” “LinkedIn is the new place to be.”
If you’ve been on the internet and even if you haven’t, as a business owner someone has probably told you that you need to be on social media. “You should start a Facebook page.” “Are you on Instagram?” “LinkedIn is the new place to be.” And maybe for a while you tried social media. But when it inevitably failed you, you let it slide. That’s a story we hear all the time from our clients. They were told that social media was the way forward. But it didn’t pan out the way they expected. Here’s why social media often ends up failing business owners like you.


Posting on social media requires consistency. And that takes effort and discipline. Many of the failed social media pages did so because they did not post content their audiences could connect with on a regular basis. They would post some days but then they would go silent for long periods. Some of the content would be high quality, but most would be low-effort posts borrowed from other people’s pages. The inconsistency in timing and quality made it hard for audiences to connect and the difference in message and voice confused them.

High Expectations

When you hear about social media, you will probably hear about the content that “goes viral.” The person who posted the content becomes famous overnight and they experience instant success. At least that’s how it looks. But the reality is often never discussed. The people who “went viral” have often been posting content for years. And they frequently can’t overcome their viral success and find themselves at the bottom of the pile before long. High expectations and the hope for viral success turns businesses goals upside down and discourages them when the results don’t come in like they expect.

Doing the wrong things and talking to the wrong people

The heart of the problem with most social media is a failure to understand the audience. You can post whatever you want on social media. And that feeling is freeing. But just because you post it doesn’t mean that people will find it interesting or good. And even if some people would find it interesting, if the wrong audience sees it, you will have no likes, comments, or shares. Your audience is the people who can and will buy from you. Not necessarily the people who like your page.

Doing what everyone else is doing

The old adage of “if everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?” comes to mind. And it is applicable. Just because something worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it fits you and your brand. Just copying someone else because they are having what looks like success will only make you seem like a cheap imitation. And in the era of free content on the internet, good and free original content will always outpace the cheap imitations.


Even though you’re struggling, it doesn’t mean that social media doesn’t work. It just means that what you tried didn’t work. Fixing the problems we discussed is a good start. But you don’t have to try to figure it out alone. BluBambu is all about helping businesses like yours create marketing that works, even in the wild world of social media and we would love to help you answer your questions!

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