Why Your Customers are an Untapped Gold Mine

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“Missed opportunities will hurt your bank account.”
Not too long ago a business owner approached us looking to grow his income and expand his business. He wanted to expand his marketing to new audiences but he didn’t know where to look. The audience he was missing and didn’t even think about was his current and former clients. The people you sell to are an untapped treasure mine for you to market your business. And it’s easy to start marketing to them. And since they have already purchased from you once, they are more likely to purchase from you again, as long as they enjoyed working with you.

Emails & Mailers

If you collect your client’s emails, you can easily start an email campaign. And if your business is in the right market, sending mailers may work for you too. Either way the data you have collected in the sales process is a resource you can use to jumpstart your marketing.

A monthly newsletter is a great way to stay connected with clients and inform them about key details of your business. Weekly emails promoting products or specials will help persuade former clients who are considering using your services again.


There’s a reason that companies like McDonald’s ask if you’d like to try their weekly special. Asking if your clients would like to add the special deal to their order works. It’s even more effective when you offer the add ons at a discount.

A great add-on relates to what the client is coming to you for anyway. For example, a mechanic that offers a discounted oil change as an add-on for other services is likely to increase his sales of not only oil changes but also his other services. The value of getting what they need plus something they will need in the future (the oil change) separates the mechanic from a shop that offers the services individually.

Applying add-ons will allow you to market to current clients without the high cost of marketing.


Construction firms live off referrals. The ones who aren’t afraid to ask for referrals get more work than they can handle. Unfortunately, many other small to medium business owners don’t ask for referrals.

Your current client’s friends are the people you want to sell to. They are typically in a similar setting to your current client. They will have similar needs and viewpoints. And your connection to them is from someone you will have already satisfied with quality service or products.

We trust our friends to help us discover real solutions. If we hear from a friend we trust that a certain company is the best way to go, we become far more likely to use them for ourselves and we will be more inclined to view interactions positively.

Marketing to Current Clients

Unlike marketing through LinkedIn or ads, the leads you get from current clients are warm leads. They can significantly shorten the process of connecting and convincing prospects.

If you are looking to build a referral program or a newsletter style campaign, I highly recommend that you gain perspective by speaking to a marketing expert so your campaign has a higher chance of succeeding. To help you get started, we have included the 4 Steps To Creating A Follow-Up Strategy download below.

Blu Bambu also offers free strategy sessions to help companies like yours gain the perspective and knowledge they need to create good marketing. We would be happy to help you discover success with your marketing.

Have some questions about your marketing? Schedule a free 30 min. strategy call.

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