What is the Purpose of a Website?

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Let me ask you a question. 

(Or a couple of questions actually.)

Does the Content on Your Website Serve a Purpose?

Or is it there because you were told you needed 150 words to fill this one section or 500 to fill another? What about the pages themselves? Were they created because it sounded like a cool idea to have that page? Or maybe it’s there because you were paying for up to 5 pages worth of content and you decided to get your money’s worth in page. And you got every last page of content you could.

The Truth

Unfortunately none of these reasons are good reasons for having content or pages on your website. Each page must have a purpose. Not just a reason to exist, but something more as well. Each page needs to have a goal that is trying to accomplish within the overall purpose of a website.

No Explanation

Recently we had a client who had made some changes to his business due to COVID. He wanted to adjust his website to show these changes. But he didn’t want to redo the whole site. He wanted to add a single button to his website offering a service that was in no way tied to his former business model. The difference was as shocking as an electronics store suddenly selling milk, because they have fridges and deciding the way to sell the milk was to add a small sign in the front window that reads “Buy Milk” with no explanation.


The request demonstrated a big problem we have witnessed within our industry. Everyone knows what a website is. But few people understand the purpose of the website as a whole, and the pages individually. That’s why we have put together a brief document on how each page on a website works together. Check it out below and make sure you know why you have the web pages you have.

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