What is Multi-Touch Marketing?

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“Take a marketing message and spread them across various channels.”
You might not have heard of multi-touch marketing before. It’s one of those kinds of marketing that has flown under the radar for all but the top percent of highly successful marketing professionals. And now we want to share it with you.

What exactly is multi-touch marketing?

Simply put, multi-touch marketing is the use of multiple channels to make contact with potential clients in order to build trust and awareness quickly and shorten the sales cycle. In other words, you take a marketing message and make multiple variants that are similar but not identical and spread them across social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook, direct communication platforms such as email, and advertising on google or other sites.

A potential client may watch a video of yours on YouTube, then see a post you made on LinkedIn, and then receive an email from the newsletter they signed up for or the information you gathered from their social media profile. Every one of these multiple touch points increases the relationship between your brand and your target market.

Why does it work?

One of the common things we have pointed to in multiple of our communications over the last year is this: it takes an average of 7 solid interactions before a potential client or buyer moves to actually purchase a product. And that’s just the average. And each of those interactions needs to build more than just a casual hello. Ultimately it comes down to one principle: people buy from companies and people they trust.

Multi-touch marketing is focused on building that trust with good quality content across multiple channels so those touch points are made more frequently and multiply the impact and effectiveness of the marketing.

Why you need to use it.

Working without the right tools may get the job “done.” But it’s inefficient and wasteful. Would you rather spend more money to achieve lesser results? I don’t know anyone who would say yes. But if you aren’t using the kind of marketing that has been proven to deliver better returns for a fraction of the time, money, and effort then you are doing just that.

Additionally, not using it wastes money by creating bottlenecks for you in your sales process. One sales person can only do so much work. They can only close so many deals at a time. But a marketing campaign that does 90% of the work of the sales process can free up a sales person to close more deals with less effort and frustration.

Right now approximately 90% of companies don’t use multi-touch marketing. And that’s a good thing. It hasn’t become the latest over-blown trend in marketing. So investing in this strategy now will instantly separate you from your competition and put you on a better path to success.


We aren’t telling you this because we want to sell you on a plan or push you to use our system. We’re sharing with you the system that we use for our business. We’re letting the cat out of the bag. We’re spilling the beans. Because we don’t just care about making the next dollar. We’re here to transform the way marketing is done. And if that sounds like something you are interested in, we would love to speak with you.

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