The Key to Social Media Marketing is Commitment

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“The one thing you have to get right is so obvious we often forget it.”

Over the past month or so, we have been talking about social media marketing and specifically LinkedIn marketing. But the key to the whole thing, the one thing you have to get right is so obvious we often forget it. Commitment.

Everything we do comes back to being committed.

You can’t half ass your marketing

Doing your marketing halfway is a sign of a lack of commitment. Far too often we see marketing get hastily thrown together and then delivered without thought or effort. Doing it halfway will only ever lead to failure. Your audience can tell when you don’t care or are inauthentic. They can sense when you aren’t putting in enough effort and they won’t stick around to hear what you have to say.

Signs you aren’t giving your all:

  • Posting randomly
  • Low quality content or mixed quality content
  • Not responding to your messages
  • Talking about things that don’t relate to your business

You can’t just throw money at it and expect it to succeed

A lot of small businesses think that spending money on marketing is the solution. Spending money on marketing is essential. But the money itself is not the solution. Spending money on a marketing campaign that doesn’t talk to the right audience will only waste your money. We’ve had clients who spent 6 figures trying to get marketing campaigns to work without looking at who they were talking to, the message they were sharing or the way they were sharing it.

They wasted money by simply pouring more money on the problem and hoping it would fix the problem.

Play the long game

When you start marketing, it’s important to plan for the long game. Marketing isn’t a short game. It takes prolonged effort and commitment to be truly successful. A lot of the success stories you may have heard about how some young person went from broke to rich overnight by marketing on social media represent less than 1% of true success stories. They are exceptions, and not the rule. And most of the time, people who experience that success, find themselves unable to replicate those results.
They become a “flash in the pan” or a “one-hit wonder.” You aren’t trying to build something temporary. You are trying to build long lasting success. And if you commit to taking the necessary steps, you can do it.

One of the recent articles we shared with you was how our social media manager spends his time. If you haven’t read it, please read it here. And if you would like some help with your commitment to doing good marketing and building long term success, I’m more than happy to speak with you.

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