Is Your Sales Funnel Working?

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“What if I told you that you were losing money because you weren’t moving your audience closer to a sale?”

If I showed you a sieve and told you it was a funnel, you would laugh in my face.

And you’d be right to do so.

A sieve is not a funnel. It leaks everywhere.

A funnel is supposed to guide liquid down to one and only one hole.

But what if I told you that your sales funnel looked more like a sieve? What if I told you that you were losing money because you weren’t moving your audience closer to a sale?

That’s not much of a laughing matter.

But there is a solution if you know what the problem is.

Here are four ways to tell if your sales funnel looks more like a sieve.

Your Website Doesn’t Bring You Leads

Websites are great ways to get leads. They should take an unaware person and turn them into an informed and decisive buyer. But if you are getting no leads or, worse, leads that take up time and energy without return on investment, your website isn’t doing its job.

For many contractors, a website is treated like an expensive business card. They may not get many leads from their website and the quality of leads that they do receive may not be good. These are signs to get a professional analysis of your site.

For service professionals, their website may be getting traffic without delivering conversions. If you aren’t seeing good traffic on your website or if you don’t have analytics set up, this is definitely something to take a closer look at.

Your Ads Aren’t Generating Web Traffic

If you have been spending money on ads for Google or any social media, but you aren’t seeing any increase in traffic on your website, your ads aren’t working. When companies tell us that their SEO investment didn’t help at all, we can tell why. The content in the ads or posts wasn’t generating interest or the wrong audience was seeing them.

As service companies tend to run more paid ads, they are more likely to notice their ads and campaigns not working. Builders and contractors should reconsider whether their yard signs and flyers are driving enough people to their website and generating leads. Poor results most likely come from not implementing the right content in those materials. Additionally, there are very few contractors who currently use paid ads which creates a prime opportunity if you are willing to invest. Even contractors can benefit from paid ads if the content is done right.

You’re Losing Sales to Competitors

If you are getting clients almost all the way through your funnel before switching to your competitor, your sales funnel is broken. You are missing the trust building portion of the funnel, where you build interest and convince your audience that you have a better solution than your competitors. This stage is where you can use a blog or articles that explain more about your services, or downloads that give more details about what you do. You can also use landing pages on your website and videos on YouTube to demonstrate who you are and how you work.

Contractors and builders are more likely to know that this problem is happening, as they have to assume that they are one of many giving bids for the projects, but this can happen to service professionals as well. Any time a bid is given in a competitive field and you don’t get contracted, you can almost guarantee that another company got the job.

Your Funnel Isn’t Well Defined

If you don’t know exactly what you are doing when you do it, you’re bound to make mistakes. We have found that clients who haven’t taken the time to define their sales funnel, haven’t really implemented it effectively. And even if you have a funnel, without proper monitoring and tracking you won’t know if it’s working.

Our sales funnel looks something like this:

  1. Outreach campaign with information
  2. Landing page or informative article
  3. Download with Useful & Actionable Information
  4. Follow-up emails with schedule link
  5. Schedule link landing page
  6. Zoom call
  7. Proposal
  8. Sale

There are more steps and reroutes of the funnel that happen when people miss a zoom call or don’t respond to an email, but listing everything would take far too many steps.

Both contractors and service professionals need to have a well defined funnel. This is a common error that we have seen in both kinds of clients. Every step of the funnel needs to either move a good lead further down the path or eliminate a bad lead so it doesn’t waste time.

In Conclusion

When you are building, or rebuilding, your sales funnel, you need to have well defined steps for your audience to go through. When you have a clear funnel process, you can more easily increase your lead generation and sales.

We’ve included a Sales Funnel Analysis e-book so you can identify where your sales funnel is failing or help you build a new sales funnel that will work.


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