How to Get Referrals That Pay

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Low Hanging Fruit

“Almost all of my business comes from word of mouth.” The contractor in front of me had a booked schedule and plenty of clients to choose from.

Almost all of my business comes from word of mouth.

Making your own video.

How did he get so successful?

Simple. He used referrals to grow his business. I’m sure it wasn’t an over night success story. He had worked hard. He made his business attractive by offering quality work. None of his clients felt cheated. If they had, he wouldn’t have earned their referral.

Don’t waste opportunities

But I’m also sure, that he didn’t waste opportunities either. He had run his business for over 15 years. You don’t get the privilege of doing that without taking the opportunities and working them. The secret he had learned was the same secret used for selling. Ask.

Just Ask

Ask for the referral just like you ask for the sale. Just like you have a call to action on your website that asks for the opportunity to sell, or the purchase now button that hovers next to your product descriptions. You need to ask for referrals too. You might simply ask if your client knows anyone else who could use your services. Or you could offer discounts for future services if your client gives you a referral.


Convincing people to share their positive experience with their friends will help strengthen your reputation in your community and build a backlog of future customers. Your continued success depends on it. If you would like to know more about how to put together your own referral rewards program, click on the link below. And if you need help figuring out how to use referrals as part of your marketing at large, schedule a free consultation with Blu Bambu today!

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