How to Create Great Social Media Posts (Step by Step)

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Social media is an art form.

You have to apply the spark of creativity to catch your audience’s attention.

But it’s also a science.

If you use good formatting, post consistently, and interact well, you can be really successful at unlocking new opportunities and fostering lasting relationships. But how do you create great social media posts that you can share confidently?

Here’s how you should go about crafting great social media posts that resonate, captivate, and leave a lasting impression.

Dynamic social media posts illustrating effective storytelling and audience engagement

Coming up with the Topic: Addressing Relevant Challenges

To stand out on social media, you must create content that speaks directly to the needs of your clients. Tailoring posts to address relevant challenges provides a timely and relevant connection. Whether you are addressing seasonal issues or just every day problems, by talking about the topics that matter to your clients you will be more likely to get their attention.

Quick Tips:
Keep content succinct, focusing on common industry problems and solutions that can be conveyed in a short video or a few sentences for regular posts.

Direct your content towards common seasonal issues your clients face. Offer quick and actionable tips to position yourself as a trusted source of expertise. By consistently addressing relevant challenges, you’ll build credibility and a loyal following.

Capturing Authentic Content

In the visual world of social media, captivating imagery is paramount. All types of content are important, but videos have the most power to impact your audience, because they can capture the face and voice of the brand and present it to the audience. Photos and videos that feel authentic are often better than ones that look 100% professional. Authentic content make for better social media visuals. You can create well-lit, authentic visuals captured on smartphones, and leverage built-in editing tools to fix the areas that actually need it. Photos that look too good, can come across as fake. For example, stock photos, which can be helpful in certain scenarios, often appear to be too generic or outright fake to match your message.

For this reason our team produces content with varying quality equipment from iPhones to high end equipment to create that authentic feel. This is one of the secrets of social media content creation!

For Contractors:

  • The transformative impact of your services
  • Content that shows the process or progress
  • Before-and-after shots
  • Action shots of your team at work

Sharing the problems you solve and how you do it can effectively convey the value you bring. Authenticity is key, so focus on images and video that tell a story.

Creating Good Messaging (Post Description): Captivate and Inform

The messaging accompanying your posts is just as important as the visuals. In order to get your audience to actually read your post, you should keep it short, start with an attention-grabbing hook (which we cover in more detail below), and provide value by solving problems your audience faces. You can also tailor your messaging to resonate with your target market’s situation, emphasizing positive outcomes. Good messaging strengthens the message of the visuals and gives your audience the knowledge of how to act next.

For Service Professionals:
Craft messages that not only inform but also inspire action. Encourage your audience to engage with your content, whether it’s through comments, shares, or direct messages. Use language that resonates with your industry, showcasing the unique value you offer.

The Hook is Everything

The hook is basically the first attention-grabbing sentence that establishes what your content and your message is about. In order to have a great hook, your content must be focused on one single topic per post and should be a concise seven words or less. This will setup effective post messaging for each post.

Without a strong hook, people won’t stick around long enough to hear your message. A great hook will help you create posts that grow your following, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales.

Quick Tips:

The best Hooks express a point through a how, why or when sentence. For example:

  • How to lose 10 pounds without taking diet pills.
  • Why getting eight hours of sleep per night will increase your life by seven years.
  • Blow out your lawn sprinklers, every fall to prevent water damage.

Where and When to Post: Timing is Everything

Optimizing the timing of your posts is crucial for maximizing engagement. Each social media platform loves it and rewards your exposure when you post in real time, sometimes you find yourself unavailable, and should consider utilizing automation tools for scheduling posts and managing comments. (When you work with BluBambu, this is one of the main elements we help you manage. You don’t have to worry about posting the right content at the right time. We manage that for you.) In regards to finding the right timing you need to experiment. Experiment with posting times and days, analyze audience response, and then refine your strategy. Diversify your content across platforms to meet your audience where they are.

Quick Tips:
Experiment with different platforms to understand where your audience is most active. Tailor your content to each platform’s strengths – visual content for Instagram, informative posts for LinkedIn. Leverage analytics to fine-tune your posting strategy and optimize engagement.

In Conclusion

Creating standout social media posts involves a strategic approach to content creation, visuals, messaging, and posting. By consistently addressing relevant challenges, capturing compelling visuals, crafting engaging messages, and optimizing posting times, both service professionals and contractors can elevate their online presence and effectively connect with their target audience.

If any of these tips has helped you and you want insights into how BluBambu can help your business, schedule a no-cost consultation with us to learn more.

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