How Generating Leads with a Website Works

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“Whether you are a mega-brand with clients all over the globe or a local mom and pop store, everyone is going to tell you that you need a website.”

Marketing has one purpose: generating leads.

Every email, blog, social media post, and ad is meant to draw interest and turn members of the general public into leads for your business to connect with.

But let’s face it. Marketing and branding are complex things that seem really hard to explain or understand. So let’s cut the bs and explain marketing in relation to the one purpose marketing serves.

Let’s start with your website. Whether you are a mega-brand with clients all over the globe or a local mom and pop store, everyone is going to tell you that you need a website. And you will likely want your website to help you get new clients.

But like most of the people we talk to, you probably aren’t getting the leads you want from your website. One of the first questions we ask potential clients is “Are you getting good leads from your website?” and less than 1 percent say yes. If you want your website to generate leads, you need to understand a few things.

Where is Your Website in Your Sales Funnel?

Your website was never meant to function on its own. People won’t go to your website if they don’t know or care that you exist. To generate leads from your website, you will have to plug your site into the conversation at some point (typically when you are getting ready to give a quote or close the deal). This all comes down to this: How are your clients getting to your website? Whether you use social media, emails, ads, or your business card to get people to your site, getting them to your site matters.

Who is Your Website Talking To?

When our clients say that they do get some leads from their site, they typically follow it up with a caveat. “We get leads, but the leads are bad. They aren’t really interested in buying and they just waste our time.” Sure, you’ll never get rid of all the tire-kickers. But you can make them irrelevant by getting leads from the kinds of people you want to do business with. Your website needs to be talking to the people who are going to love your services and only need a little nudge to be confident enough to spend money with you.

Is Your Website a Funnel or a Sieve?

A funnel has 2 holes- a big opening and a small drain. Yeah, it sounds stupid to say this, but a funnel wouldn’t work well if it had any more holes. If your website lets your potential clients exit the site before getting to the pitch (or irritates them enough to make them leave), your site is a sieve. A website that’s like a sieve will only ever produce leads that are so determined and tough, you’ll never convince them of something they don’t already believe. A properly built website will funnel potential clients through to the right spot on your website and present them with the call to take action. It guides them through the narrative of discovery of the solution to their problems to the point of purchase.

Is Your Website Generating Leads?

Your website ought to be an investment and not an expense. You should be getting leads that turn into money from your website. If your website is a sieve, you don’t know who your site should be talking to, or you don’t know how people are getting to your website, you need to talk to an expert. Schedule a free consultation and analysis with our experts at Blu Bambu and we will help you figure out what is keeping your website from paying you back.

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