Boosting Sales Retention with the Power of Video

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“By incorporating video…businesses can harness the influential power of their clients…”

In today’s digital age, video has emerged as a dynamic tool that can revolutionize the way businesses connect with their customers. You can use video on Social Media, your website, and even video postcards to gain your audience’s attention.

When strategically employed during the retention step of the sales cycle, video content holds immense potential for generating referrals, securing testimonials, incentivizing clients, and maintaining a lasting relationship.

Here are 4 problem areas in client retention that video can solve.

Leveraging Your Clients’ Influence to Get Referrals

By encouraging your clients to create and share videos throughout their service journey, businesses can tap into the power of their influence and leverage it to generate valuable referrals. Visual narratives created by satisfied clients serve as compelling testimonials, demonstrating the impact of their experience and influencing their friends to take action.

  • Service Professionals: Ask clients to film videos showcasing the transformation achieved through your work, highlighting their progress and newfound success. Fitness companies often use this tactic to help their clients visualize the effect of the changes they have been making and to serve as proof to their clients’ friends that the company’s products or services work.
  • Contractors/Construction Businesses: Encourage clients to document their home improvement projects, capturing the before-and-after moments and highlighting the quality of your workmanship. It will give them peace of mind to know that you are comfortable with them seeing you work, and give them something to share with their friends.

Video Reviews and Testimonials

Video reviews and testimonials hold greater impact than written ones, as they offer a more authentic and engaging way for clients to share their experiences. Moreover, with the prevalence of smartphones, creating and sharing videos has become remarkably convenient, making it easier than ever to capture genuine customer feedback.

  • Service Professionals: Encourage clients to record short videos sharing how your services have positively impacted their lives, whether in career advancement, personal relationships, or overall well-being.
  • Contractors/Construction Businesses: Request clients to film testimonials that show the completed project, highlighting their satisfaction with the quality of your work, attention to detail, and overall project experience.

Incentivizing Clients with Video Review Programs

To encourage clients to create video reviews, consider implementing incentive programs that provide them with an extra reason to participate. This can include exclusive discounts, rewards, or even the chance to be featured in your marketing campaigns.

  • Service Professionals: Offer clients a discount on their next session or a free bonus service in exchange for a video review sharing their positive experience with your services.
  • Contractors/Construction Businesses: Provide clients with a referral reward such as a gift card for submitting a video review highlighting their satisfaction with your work, if any of their friends become paying clients.

Staying in Front of Clients through Video

Once you have served a client, don’t let the relationship fade away. Utilize the videos you produce to stay in front of them and maintain a meaningful connection. Share relevant, informative, and engaging content regularly to reinforce your expertise and strengthen the bond.

  • Service Professionals: Create an educational video series, offering clients exclusive insights, tips, and any insights that will help them use the products or services you have delivered. For example, a carpet cleaner might share tips on how to keep their carpet looking better between their regular cleanings.
  • Contractors/Construction Businesses: Produce maintenance videos, keeping clients informed about how to care for their home so your work has the best chance to last and keep them happy. For example, after building a composite deck, send a video about how to clean off grease stains or how to protect the deck when using a grill.

In Conclusion

By incorporating video into the retention step of the sales cycle, businesses can harness the influential power of their clients, secure impactful testimonials, incentivize video reviews, and maintain lasting relationships.

You can place these videos on your social media pages, your website in both the regular content and the testimonials section, and you can share the videos with potential prospects via email or direct message.

Whether you are a service professional or a contractor/construction business, embracing video as a strategic sales tool will enable you to engage customers in a fun, engaging, and professional way, leading to increased sales retention and growth in the long run.

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