7 Keys to Building Long Lasting Client Relationships

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“Your business’s future often hinges on your ability to build and maintain strong client relationships. ”

Clients are more likely to choose you for their needs when they remember you as their first choice, and being the “squeaky wheel” – the helpful and attentive professional – can make all the difference. Here are seven actionable tips to help contractors and service professionals alike master the art of relationship-building and navigate the intricacies of long-term sales cycles.
Professional building a lasting relationship with a client through effective communication and collaboration

1. Stay Top of Mind with Thoughtful Gestures:

One effective way to build lasting relationships is by showing appreciation through thoughtful gestures. Consider sending gifts like cookies, cards, or gift cards to customers who frequently close deals or make big-ticket purchases. For potential clients, seasonal cards can serve as a subtle reminder of your presence and demonstrate that you are thinking of them even when not actively engaged in a project.

2. Newsletter Insights:

Sending out an occasional newsletter can be a powerful tool for staying connected with your client base. Share valuable insights related to the services they’ve received, offering tips, trends, and advice. Consider featuring a block article that delves into a specific topic, providing a more in-depth look at subjects relevant to your clientele.

3. Personal Touch:

Maintain a personal connection by periodically reaching out to your clients. A simple “hello” can go a long way in showing that you genuinely care about their satisfaction. Check in on how their post-service experience is going, and be proactive in addressing any concerns or questions they might have.

4. Answering Questions:

Send a friendly email reminding clients that you are available to answer any questions they may have. This proactive approach reinforces your commitment to their satisfaction and establishes you as a reliable resource for ongoing support.

5. Facilitate Connections:

Become a referral point for other businesses and services your clients may need. By connecting them with trusted professionals, you position yourself as more than just a service provider – you become a valuable resource. Clients remember and appreciate those who help them selflessly, fostering a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

6. Add Value Beyond the Service:

Go above and beyond by offering additional value through webinars, e-books, and personalized highlights. Conduct webinars on relevant industry topics, create e-books that can be shared with clients, and ask to feature your client’s projects in your marketing materials or presentations. Checking in on completed projects ensures satisfaction and shows your clients that you care. It also provides an opportunity to ask for feedback, reviews, and referrals.

7. Remember to Ask for the Sale or Referral:

In the midst of relationship-building efforts, don’t forget the ultimate goal – closing the sale. Make it a point to ask for the sale without being pushy. Whether it’s a follow-up email, a casual conversation, or a specific call to action, being clear about your intentions ensures you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities.


Mastering the art of building and maintaining relationships is crucial for contractors and service professionals dealing with long sales cycles. You can retain clients (get future work from them), get referrals (by demonstrating that you genuinely care for them), and build relationships with people who will sing your praises to everyone they meet. By incorporating these actionable tips into your strategy, you can create a solid foundation for lasting connections and increase your chances of success in an increasingly competitive world.

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