What to Look for When Buying the Right Website

By Archie Villeda


We sat down with Colorado Business owner, Catherine Johnson of Cars 4 U to get some insight on the process of finding the right website for her business.


The right website gives you credibility. In the case of Catharine, she not only needed to be credible to her customers but with other auto dealers. It helps a business attract and keep clients when it shows that you stay on top of technology and communication through a well designed and fully functioning website.

Powerful Message

The right message can make a lasting impact on your client. Make sure that the overall message of your website is strong. When in doubt, hire a professional writer – it will be better for your business in the long run.


Catherine’s business is dealing cars – her business demanded a website that could function at top speed and be user friendly for staff and client. When you need something that is appealing and able to get you sales – you need to look for the functionality and the team that will bring that to the table.

Honesty and Openness

Its important to keep the communication between you and your designer as open and free as possible. This will keep the development stage flowing smoothly.


By investing in your website and marketing material you demonstrate to your client that you understand the need for a professional attitude towards business. The last thing you want to transmit is a lack of knowledge in your area and a poorly designed website can sure send the wrong message. Make the smart choice and go with a professional.

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