By Archie Villeda  
  A Marketing Ecosystem is a seven pillar system that incorporates all your streams of outreach into one cohesive, harmonious plan of execution and carried out by our team at Blu Bambu.   Your going to see references to the marketing ecosystem throughout this blog and our website. We like to compare the term to nature’s ecosystem and how every component is vital to the proper function of the entire system – the goal is to make your marketing flow like a river in nature. The Seven Pillars are as follows:   Branding Video Web Social Media Photography Digital Marketing Sales Strategy   Having the right marketing ecosystem in place is a sure fire way to reach your business goals. Not one marketing ecosystem is the same because not every business is the same – we are the experts at building them as that is how we run our business. If you have functioning pieces such as a website or a Facebook page we can do a check up to test the effectiveness of your current system. We also educate you, the client, on basic operation of your marketing ecosystem should you require it. We hope you consider doing more research on these individual subjects on our website and throughout the internet. Blu Bambu is here to answer you questions regarding your current and future Marketing Ecosystem.

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