The Why, What, and How of Marketing

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“Effective, result driven marketing requires 3 important factors.”

If you want to figure out how to make your marketing work, there are three areas to consider before you get started- the why, what, and how of your marketing.

Why – Building Trust

People don’t buy from companies they don’t trust. They don’t purchase based off the product specifications or the flashy tech you use. They buy when they trust you. If you want to be trusted, potential clients need to know who you are, what you provide, how they get it, and what it does for them. And they have to believe that what you provide is the solution they need. Marketing is the way you connect with those potential clients and build the trust that is necessary for them to make a purchase. If you want to build trust, your marketing needs to be accurate and helpful to your audience. And it takes more than one email, or one little blurb on your website to build trust. It takes continued effort and constant connection with your audience to build that trust.

What – Be Proactive Not Reactive

Far too often we see reactive marketing from businesses, small and large. Problems arise and the next thing you know they are scrambling to get a marketing campaign together to address it. The problem with this method is that it means you are only ever responding to what’s going on around you. This method does not lead to growth. And by the time you get ready, the issue you moved to react to is already over and forgotten.

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. Planning doesn’t mean you won’t have to make changes, but it’s always easier to make adjustments than it is to start from scratch every time. And if you want to have good marketing you need to actually do something.

How – Planning & Executing

If you want to make your marketing work for you, then you need to have a plan to execute. Winging it will lead you to go in directions that won’t help you achieve anything. You need to develop strategies and plans to execute efficiently. In the next couple months we will show you the steps you need to take to develop a strategy and plan to follow. But before you get there, you need to commit to doing what it takes to get you there.

Getting Started

Starting this requires you to look into yourself and your business. You need to know yourself and your clients so well because all the other steps in our Marketing Training Course that we will share in the months to come will build off of that understanding. We’ve put together a worksheet to help you look at your business in detail. And if you share it with us we can help you as you start to develop your marketing going forward. 

Confused about whether this is the right fit or need specific answers now? We are offering a one-time only, free strategy call to get you started!

We have created a marketing training course available only to those who sign up below that includes a monthly zoom strategy call, and a private discord group where you will get to ask questions, get answers, strategies, and customized solutions that will make marketing work for your business. In this, we will show you how to build the elements of your Marketing Ecosystem tailored to your business and grow your success.

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Download: Know Yourself Worksheet

This is one of the key resources we’ll be reviewing and explaining during the next LIVE Zoom Strategy Class for the Marketing Course.

This worksheet will help define your marketing strategy for next year…

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