Quiceañeras are a long standing Mexican Tradition and VERONICA’S BOUTIQUE is proud to share that tradition with it’s clients. The most important aspect of any Quiceañera is the dress – It’s symbolic of the blossoming of youth into adulthood and VERONICA’S BOUTIQUE is honored to provide young women with the best quality and elegant designs.


Blu Bambu did a little international traveling for our client VERONICA’S BOUTIQUE – we had the opportunity to visit beautiful Nuevo Laredo Mexico for some video/image Lookbooks. Veronica’s Boutique produces amazing quinceañera dresses and we photographed 14 dresses and worked with six models.

• Video production
• Audio
• Lighting
• Video Editing


• Look Books serve the purpose of providing a shareable video that showcases dresses and all the latest designs by Veronica’s Boutique.
• Material that can be shared and distrubuted throughout social media for the purpose of generating an audience of admirers and moving them towards becoming clients.
• Since video and the internet are far reaching the potential for international sales is now available to Veronica’s Boutiques and their respective clients.

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