About Kenny Hill, the owner and head coach at Tao of Boxing, has been dedicated to teaching others the knowledge and strength of boxing. He also has two other skilled boxers working along side him that also have the same passion for boxing and teaching others how to excel in the sport. Tao of Boxing has a weekly video series on Facebook where they take an unexperienced member of the BluBambu crew and train them into becoming a boxing champ. The goal is to show others that anyone can learn and train to become a boxer. No matter what anyone’s past experience is with boxing, Kenny and his crew will help clients achieve their fitness and health goals. The Process Blu Bambu took their video skills into Kenny’s ring to show others the energetic atmosphere that Tao of Boxing provides. The video was filmed as part of a social media marketing campaign and played a dual role in developing Kenny’s marketing strategy. This campaign taught him how to build and manage his social media content through marketing not only his business, but himself. Blu Bambu offered:
  • On location filming
  • Video production
  • Video editing
  • Lighting and audio
  • Multiple days of filming
Benefits Since the video was filmed, Tao of Boxing has had benefits of:
  • Increased brand awareness and exposure
  • Marketing directly to his demographic through social media marketing campaign
  • Official marketing and branding that has legitimized business

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