Reimagine Retail, is a division of the Denver Workforce Center of the Economic Development & Opportunity division, dedicated to training and providing the best candidates for the retail industry. In this video produced by Blu Bambu we interview actual candidates going through the program. Watch as they share their stories of finding success and personal growth.

The Process

With the help of Blu Bambu’s expertise on videography and marketing, Reimagine Retail can transmit their message of serving the community in a more effective and personal way. Blu Bambu helped make this possible through:
  • Video production
  • Film at multiple locations across the state of Colorado
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Script writing
  • Titles
  • Story boards
  • Music
  • Video Editing


  • Educates people on the services provided by Reimagine Retail
  • Shares a first hand experience of the program through personal interviews
  • Weaves a narrative for the program that is easy and pleasant to grasp for the viewer

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