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Naranjo Civil LinkedIn Campaign

Lead Generation | Social Media Marketing | Video Creation


In the heart of Colorado’s robust construction industry, Naranjo Civil Constructors has carved out a niche as the premier river restoration construction company. Specializing in intricate river restoration projects, Naranjo has consistently demonstrated its expertise in a highly specialized field. Yet, despite their proven capabilities, the challenge of connecting with key decision-makers in local government agencies loomed large.

Project Objectives

The primary goal was clear and ambitious: engage with influential decision-makers to schedule meaningful discussions about potential river restoration projects. To quantify success, Blu Bambu and Naranjo set a tangible target: secure at least five key meetings per month.

Generate Qualified Leads


Increase Face Time with Decision Makers


Win More Projects

Major Challenges

Prior to partnering with Blu Bambu, Naranjo faced a significant hurdle: their outreach efforts to key government decision-makers were falling short. The absence of a targeted strategy, nuanced campaign messaging, and the right set of tools hindered their ability to penetrate the market effectively.

Strategies & Solutions

Blu Bambu’s response was a meticulously planned LinkedIn Lead Generation and Marketing campaign. This strategy was twofold: enhance Naranjo’s digital presence and engage directly with potential leads. Key to this strategy was the production of 80 targeted videos, showcasing Naranjo’s project prowess. These were complemented by a well-orchestrated mix of personalized direct messaging, email campaigns, and a phone call blitz, all designed to set the stage for Naranjo’s expertise and capabilities.


The campaign’s backbone was LinkedIn, bolstered by Blu Bambu’s suite of automated marketing tools. Over six months, the campaign unfolded in three distinct phases:


Pre-development Phase:

A comprehensive needs assessment was conducted through client questionnaires, followed by a strategic planning session. This phase set the groundwork for the video content creation.


Development Phase:

This phase was the crux of the campaign’s creative output, involving the crafting of LinkedIn profiles, message scripts, and the filming of engaging video content.


Post-development Phase:

With assets in hand, Blu Bambu launched a full-scale deployment of the campaign. This involved meticulous monitoring, tweaking based on performance analytics, and sustained management to maintain momentum.



Increase in Awarded Projects

The campaign’s impact was nothing short of transformative. Naranjo’s annual project volume skyrocketed from $25M to an impressive $42M. Significantly, the campaign consistently delivered double the targeted KPIs, averaging 8-10 high-quality meetings per month. An unexpected benefit was the client’s newfound understanding and appreciation of effective lead generation campaigns.

Lessons Learned & Conclusions

The success of this campaign yielded valuable insights. Foremost among these was the realization that the right messaging, when combined with a strategic approach, can open doors to high-value leads. For Blu Bambu, this project fine-tuned our approach to LinkedIn Lead Generation and Marketing, reinforcing the importance of tailored, engaging content and multi-channel outreach.

This case study not only highlights Blu Bambu’s proficiency in digital marketing but also illustrates the transformative power of a well-executed campaign. Naranjo Civil Constructors’ journey from facing outreach challenges to achieving remarkable business growth is a testament to the impact of strategic digital marketing.

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