Gavio is an instructor at Brasil Dance Studio in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. He specializes in Capoeira, which is a Brazilian martial art that is also a form of dance. Capoeira focuses on fast, kick and spin moves and has become a symbol in Brazilian culture. Gavio has more than twenty years of experience with Capoeira and wanted to show what his dance studio is all about.

The Process

With the help of Blu Bambu’s expertise on videography and marketing, Brasil Dance Studio was able to capture the beat and rhythm of Capoeira and how Gavio teaches this special dance. Blu Bambu helped make this possible through:

  • Video production
  • Film at international location
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Script writing
  • Titles
  • Video Editing
  • Worked with bilingual production team


  • Increase in interest to learn Capoeira
  • Insight on what Brasil Dance Studio has to offer
  • Reached individuals who are bilingual/Spanish speaking

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