Improving Your Business’s Virtual Location

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The next time you go to the grocery store/strip mall look for that one store. You know that store which used to be a restaurant, before it became a karate dojo, before it became a craft supply store, before it became another restaurant that went out of business.
We all know why those businesses lasted a grand total of 6 months in that same spot. As they used to say, “Location. Location. Location.” No one knew they were there, or they didn’t do enough to draw people in. Either way, their business couldn’t withstand the lack of attention.

The humorous but sad truth is that the same problem exists for businesses online. Two of the biggest complaints we hear from small business owners are that, one, people aren’t interacting with them online, and two, the people who do interact don’t buy. Those businesses have bad online “locations.” But there is hope.

Your online location isn’t just about having a website or being on social media. It’s about how you use the online tools to attract and engage your customers. Fortunately, you can improve your online location by addressing these 5 areas.

“Your online location isn’t just about having a website or being on social media.”

Social Media

Boring content gets ignored. Guaranteed. Creating better content is as simple figuring out what your customers are thinking about and relating your solutions to their experiences. Creating consistent and relatable content with an encouraging tone is especially important during difficult times, like we are experiencing now.

You can post on everything from products are available, to how your company is taking steps to help people during the quarantine. Just remember, make your posts about your customers first and what you are doing second.

Your Online Presence

If customers can’t find you online, they will go to your competitor. Having your business listed on Google with Google My Business and having an up to date website will make the biggest difference.

You can also increase the opportunities for customers to interact with your site by adding print brochures and handouts as PDFs, and linking to your website via social media posts.

Virtual Sales Tools

Right now, the only businesses that are open, outside of grocery stores and other similar essential businesses, are those with alternative methods for selling. Online stores, and video conferences with potential and current clients simplify the sales process and allow you to work from outside the office. And with digital project management, you can keep you and your team on task and organized.

These tools can help you provide a more easily accessible virtual location, so you can work even when your physical location is unavailable.

Products and Services

The goods and services you have always provided may be good. They may even be great. But they can always be improved. Especially when you consider that they may not fit into where your clients are now.

Maybe your products simply need to be repackaged or maybe your clients would like to have them delivered. There are a myriad of minor adjustments you could make to your current offerings which have the potential to not only help you survive this time of isolation, but revolutionize the way you run your business.


Confusion kills sales. And the messaging is to blame. Bad or incomplete messaging is the number one problem with the majority of the websites we see. Clarifying your messaging to speak to a specific target market in words that they use about how the difficulties they encounter can be eliminated by your products or services will make you many times more successful. Failing to be clear and concise will cause confusion. (See the first line if you have questions.) 



Online marketing is more important than ever. It used to be nice to have an online presence for your business. Now, if you don’t have a website and market on social media, your business will end up like that business from the empty store front. Fixing these 5 problem areas will improve your virtual location into a place where customers want to go. And if you need help getting there, a FREE Strategy Session with Blu Bambu is a great place to start.

Have some questions about your marketing? Schedule a free 30 min. strategy call.

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