The Importance of Photography in Business

By Carlos Mireles

The internet is a visual-friendly place that allows for text, audio, video and images that capture both your business concept and products. Delivering the right message with images can be accomplished by the photographs that you pick. Second to in-person or online videos, photography delivers your message by presenting the viewer with a picture worth 1,000 words about who you are and what you offer.

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Below are some key points to keep in mind about photography for business:

  • Powerful imagery (2nd to in-person or video)
    • Your photos, video and audio are the representatives of your business on-line 24/7.
  • Perception is based on image quality
    • Choose your photos wisely, using high quality professional photos WILL shine a postive light on your product while bad quality will leave the wrong impression.
  • Communicate & market the quality of your business
    • The quality of your photography will tell the viewer whether or not your company offers professionalism and excellence.
  • Convert customers with pictures
  • Invest in professional results
  • Create & manage a consistent brand name image
    • Constantly improving your business’ brand name image, products and services will lead to more sales and in-turn pay off your investment.
    • Besides, professional services are more affordable than you think.
  • Improve your search results

Make Shift Society has this to say about photography:

“If you are a small business owner, YOU are the face of your business. And because most of us are incredibly Googleable (sorry to the Smiths of the world), it is important to have a stunning photo (or photos) that reflects who you are as a person, your gorgeous products, or your brand.”

The following video by eHow Crafts offers some great tips by Dan Reinecke:
“Product shots feature a number of important elements, including the product itself. Learn about what is important about product shots in photography with help from an experienced director of photography in this free video clip.”


Whether you’re doing it yourself or hire a professional, looking your best is important when in front of your audience. It will take you a long way when marketing your services or products.

We wish you luck and if you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

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