Making BDR Video

BDR, Business Development Representative, is a position to help others grow with business opportunities. Blu Bambu put together a training video for potential BDR employees in Colorado. It shows them how to interact with clients in a professional matter

To make this video possible, Blu Bambu collaborated with multiple actors on location and recreated a real life scene of what a BDR position is like. We worked closely with the client and was able to receive input and direction through the entire video making process.

Video Training

  • A typical employee watches 7+ hours of work-related video and generates 2.9 hours of video each month
  • 44% of executives strongly agree that video will be the “de-facto” form of communication in their organization in the next 5 years
  • 87% of executives believe video has a significant and positive impact on an organization
  • 35% of viewers are watching more video on their smartphones compared to last year and over a third of those surveyed are watching mobile video content that lasts five minutes or longer at least once a day
  • 96% of businesses say video help train employees better and faster
  • By 2016, 98% of organizations are predicted to use video as part of their digital learning strategy

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Video is being used more and more everyday and it is becoming the learning tool that people choose. With this video, BDR has benefited by:

  • The video was able to be leveraged as a training tool
  • The video gained thousand of views
  • It became a regular component of the training program
  • It is received as a memorable and effective example
  • Informative of the position roles
  • Virtual experience of what potential employees can expect

Types of video marketing include:

  • Profile and channel video
  • Web commercial
  • Aerial Videography
  • Motion Graphics Video
  • Explainer Videos
  • Promo Videos
  • Sports Videos
  • Recap Videos

For any video marketing needs, look up the list of services provided by Blu Bambu:

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