Blu Bamboo Visits Excel

Excel Academy located in Arvada, Colorado, is an institution dedicated to their students and provides them with a rigorous, integrated program. They wanted us at Blu Bambu to help them use video marketing as a technique to get attention from students and parents to join the academy. Excel Academy wanted to market their K-8 program and Blu Bambu offered video production services and filmed students in action during class as well as an overview of student facilities. Using this video is Excel Academy’s new approach to reach out to students who seek to grow, expand knowledge, and become well educated and successful by graduation.

Filming on Site

Blu Bambu worked closely with Excel to develop their website and printed material such as brochures. Filming this video was part of Blu Bambu’s Propel Academic Program where they work closely with schools to develop online platforms that allow students, teachers and parents to communicate with one another. To make this video possible, Blu Bambu focused on:

  • Video editing
  • Sound engineering
  • Filming on site
  • Video production

Benefiting from Video

Excel Learning Academy has benefited by this video by:

  • Seeing a huge increase in enrollment
  • Using videos and website cohesively to improve communication with students and their family
  • Simplifying enrollment process for students who want to improve their future
  • Using video in their marketing strategies in social media, emails and websites

Now days, millennials are the biggest consumers of technology. They keep up to date with the latest trends and use the most popular platforms to gain their information. Because of this, video marketing is an easy way to reach students. These days, 90% of kids and teens watch video on their phone. This tells us that students are more likely to be interested in watching videos than reading.

Tween/Teenage Marketing

  • 78% would rather take away a good experience than purchase an item
  • 95% listen to what their peers recommend

“Tweens and teens are increasingly creating their own content online, influencing a wider circle of their peers as they do. Engaging tweens and teens on all communication platforms, especially social media, is a “must”. Marketers that make the effort to connect with these groups in new, inventive ways will reap significant rewards. These demographics and their friends can become true brand devotees.” – Design Force

Marketing for Parent’s Purpose

  • They want something trusting because they want the best for their kids
  • Most parents tend to spend money on their children’s education
  • Offers solutions for children’s needs
  • They want something that will positively influence their kids

For any video marketing needs, look up the list of services provided by Blu Bambu:

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