How to Tell Your Client’s Story in Your Advertising

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Storytelling is Marketing Magic

Stories are powerful communication devices. They allow us tap into the emotions of the audience and drive the point home. We may understand that a thing is dangerous but picturing how it might affect the people we love makes it real to us. If you want to connect with potential clients and drive them to act, building your message into a story framework will make your advertising more efficient.

“Clients seek you out for the solutions you offer if they can understand why they need your help…”

The simplest framework for telling your client’s story uses these four things:


The Goal

Remind the audience what their goal or dream is.

The Problem

Describe what keeps them from attaining the goal.

The Stakes

Show them what it’s going to cost them if they don’t overcome the Problem.

The Solution

Show how your product or service helps them overcome the problem and achieve the goal

In Conclusion

Clients will seek you out for the solutions you offer to their problems if they can understand why they need your help and how it will help them get what they want. There are, of course, more details that you will need to develop, but these will form the foundation for you to build your story on.

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