How to Market yourself if you're an independent artist, a freelancer or consultant

By Archie Villeda

Ever wonder how an indepedent artist can make a living? We were blessed to talk to Denver’s own – Bobby Lefebre about his personal journey through the art world as a career artist. He offers sound advice based on a career that has spanned over two decades as an actor, poet, writer, and consultant.  

Define Yourself and Your Identity

Individuality and originality sets us apart – in fact its one of the strenght of any artist, freelancer or consultant. Knowing who you are, and defining your skills and vision in tandem will not only help you grow as an individual but it will serve to develop the brand of your work.. Once that growth starts to happen and you grow confident in your craft and work you are ready to sell your services to clients and companies.

Create an Audience/Community

Art is social and it is important to create a conversation about the ideas and more importantly the work that you are putting out there. As people start to respond to your art and your work you have to be able to follow up and keep the conversation going. One-way ideas tend to stagnate and exclude people from the community aspect of your work. An artist, freelancer or consultant today has to be aware of the current tech landscape. Social Media is playing a bigger and bigger role on how businesses are developing and incorporating the latest tech trends in order to create organic audiences and generate business.

Be Consistent

By being consistent with your work you strengthen your brand. But being consistent doesn’t just apply to your work, you have to be consistent with your clients as well. Always follow up on email, phone calls, and responses to your work. Being able to show that you can handle your business and your client builds trust. Consistency, and it’s benefits are something that money can’t buy and it’s important to practice consistency whenever possible.


We hope you enjoyed the video and the blog and our biggest hope is your success as you develop as an artist, a freelancer or consultant. For more information about collaborating with our marketing team of expert story tellers be sure to contact us at Blu Bambu.

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