Dorie Clark writing for the HuffPost Impact stated that, “It’s easy for social marketers to assume that promotion is all they need. After all, who disagrees with energy efficiency? Who thinks driving drunk is a great idea? Who would argue that kids should start smoking?

But alas, most advocates won’t ever get the chance to test drive a $100 million advertising campaign — and the sad truth is, even if they did, it would almost certainly fail.

That’s because if all it took to change behavior was hearing a message, then we’d have world peace. But there are plenty of people who know they shouldn’t eat that donut, or get into that car, or light up that cigarette, but they do it anyway. Behavior change takes a lot more than promotion.

In other posts, I’ve discussed how to avoid the most common mistakes in developing a social marketing campaign. Here, I’ll talk about how social marketers can use the legendary “Four Ps” of marketing — product, price, place, and promotion — to get the maximum impact from their campaign.”

The key is to focus on the 4 P’s better known as:





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