How to Find Your Voice and Get Noticed More

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“The most important thing about your voice is not you. It’s about your audience.”

Finding Yourself

Before you can begin to put the final touches on your marketing plans, you need to take a moment to find your unique style that fits you and your content. Many companies end up creating content that sounds just like everyone else because they don’t take the time to find their voice before creating content.

Making your own video.

Know Yourself

When you begin the process of finding your voice you will want to start by knowing yourself. If you spend a couple of days looking at the style of content that others make and picking out the ideas that fit your personality while marking the things you want to avoid, you can create a better starting point for your voice. But that’s not enough. You also need to know what your message is and how it helps your audience. After that you should look at what words or phrases you like to use. You don’t have to have a catchphrase though. You just need a perspective that makes you unique.

Identify Your Platforms

After you have taken a look at yourself and found a little bit of your brands personal identity, you will need to look at where you are going to put the content. Where the content will go is one of the major factors in creating content and it often gets overlooked. It impacts the format and structure of the content. For instance, a Facebook video needs to be shorter than most youtube videos. Facebook is designed to be scrolled through while giving little bits of attention to what shows up in a news feed. In contrast, YouTube is designed to host videos of varying lengths and can be used for short videos that use bursts of focus or long form videos that focus on showing topics in more depth. The way you create your content should match where you are going to put it.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

The most important thing about your voice is not you. It’s about your audience. One of the dangers we have encountered for our clients is the tendency to make your posts and your tone about yourself. Doing that is a sure way to lose your audience. You have to remember what is important to your audience and use that to guide you in the way you talk, what you talk about, and how you talk about it.

In Conclusion

This barely scratches the surface of developing your voice, but it’s a good start. We don’t want to leave you wondering how to finish developing your voice, so we put together a special download to help you. Our “Find Your Voice” guide will help you even when it comes time for us to discuss scheduling in the following article.

If you have any questions, or if you would like some feedback on your brand’s voice, set up a free strategy call and we will be happy to help you there.

We have created a marketing training course available only to those who sign up below that includes a monthly zoom strategy call, and a private discord group where you will get to ask questions, get answers, strategies, and customized solutions that will make marketing work for your business.

Confused about whether this is the right fit or need specific answers now? Schedule a free strategy call to get you started!

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