How Three Marketing Tips Will Change Your Business & Artist Game

By Archie Villeda

On today’s episode we catch up with Local Denver Artist Phenom – Detour 303. He breaks down the basics for any artist that may be up and coming and looking to establish themselves as an artist and a brand. You can catch Detour’s work through out the Denver Area and in many publication including, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and CNN to name only a few.

Know Your Fanbase

If you’re going to sell a product, you have to know the type of person buying your product. This involves research, sometimes through marketing studies and statistics but for an artist, most often than not that means going to the places that your type of client frequents. This may mean places like bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and offices, etc. but we’re also referring to Social Media platforms – Ask yourself, “What sort of content am I creating and what platforms is that sort of content popular on?” This will help you determine where to allocate time, money, and outreach efforts to grow your audience and your business.

Be Consistent

Whether on Social Media or in real life you have to stay consistent with your message and your content. Detour explains how once a social media platform is chosen, the goal is to be consistent with your content and to engage your audience either directly though comment sections or indirectly through your overall message.


Peace of Mind

Not having issues with your design needs means you have more mental energy and focus to put towards your business.

You can rest assured when hiring a professional designer because any changes or maintenance that your site or design may need later will be handled by someone who has experience in dealing with even the tiniest of details.

No need for fixing complex code or worrying about printing the wrong color – When you hire a professional designer, you get it done right the first time.

Better Quality

A professional designer will always want to put the best foot forward for both the client and themselves.

That’s where quality control comes in. Being provided with all the right files and file types is essential in our current world of mass media. Some sites and software require specifics and having a professional designer to walk you through that process is invaluable.

The final design will also demonstrate the quality of the collaboration process between client and designer and the years of training under the designer’s belt.


Hiring a designer is on par with hiring an artist. You are hiring a unique individual that pays attention to the small details.

In order to stand out in the marketplace a professional designer will assist you in distilling all your ideas into their most simplest and clearest forms.

A designer will come to you with ideas until both you and the designer see your vision coming to life. You’re unleashing a business oriented artistic vision on the world with the design you and your designer come up with. Remember – every curve, every letter, and every shade of color count.

Your professional designer should be there to help you make the right choices and best reflect your company and vision.


By investing in your website and marketing material you demonstrate to your client that you understand the need for a professional attitude towards business. The last thing you want to transmit is a lack of knowledge in your area and a poorly designed website can sure send the wrong message. Make the smart choice and go with a professional.

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