Claudio Garcia

Claudio Garcia is an expert when it comes to telecommunications. He is the director for channel development at FireUp Networks and is dedicated to providing the best customer service in his field. After noticing how video has changed the business world, Claudio took in a new perception on video marketing. He decided that he wanted to incorporate some video production into his personal marketing campaign. When talking to Blu Bambu about wanting to market himself, he emphasized his goals on putting out a strong message which focused on customer communication. He wanted to discuss the importance of why communicating with customers is key for a successful business and satisfied customer. Blu Bambu took his story and turned it into a short profile video which he can now post anywhere he’d like.

Why Is Having A Profile Video A Good Idea?

Of course anyone can read about what you have to say about yourself, but to make it easier and more entertaining, you can make a short video talking about what you’re all about– which also lets more of your personality shine. You can use a profile video on many platforms:

  • Personal Facebook page
  • Business Facebook page
  • Business website
  • LinkedIn

All these platforms are great to have, but LinkedIn is definitely the account to be on when you want others to view you as a professional. It is also focused on networking with others that can potentially hire you, work for you or collab with you. Lets just look at some LinkedIn statistics for 2016:

  • Two new members join LinkedIn every second
  • 40% of LinkedIn users check their account daily
  • LinkedIn is used in 200 countries
  • There have been 1 billion endorsements on LinkedIn
  • 467 million people have a LinkedIn account

With that being put out there, LinkedIn has many opportunities available for people to network with people near them or half way across the globe.




Claudio’s Video Appeal

Making a LinkedIn video is something that hasn’t been done by the majority of account holders–but it should. By having Blu Bambu put together this video, it allows Claudio to:

  • Introduce himself and his company to others
  • Reach out to others and their companies (to potentially do business with)
  • Discuss his company’s purpose and services
  • How to contact him outside of LinkedIn

Now customers can reach out to Claudio with their questions and feel comfortable doing so knowing that he’ll be happy to help.

This video was put together through Blu Bambu’s video production team which also edited it– pretty simple process for a great outcome.

For video marketing services to help you or your business stay on top of the marketing game, you can reach Blu Bambu here:

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