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Ken’s Reproductions in Denver specializes in printing and signage for you or your business. They are environmentally friendly conscious and believes in recycling and reusing. To show what their company is all about, Ken’s Reproductions sought out to find a marketing strategy that would help them stand out from the competition. They chose video production and teamed up with the crew at Blu Bambu to show behind the scenes of Ken’s Reproductions and how their business runs.


The Web Commercial Advantage

Web commercials have a lot of advantage now that technology has taken over the marketing game. Rather than TV commercials, web commercials are available to stream any time of day–basically 24/7. They are convenient to the customer and can be watched as many times as one wishes to. Web commercials can be viewed in multiple ways: computer, phone, tablet etc. (Pretty much anywhere where wifi is accessible). With web commercials, viewers don’t have to read–they simply just watch and listen. Information in a web commercial talks about the company thoroughly and includes visuals on what the products/services of the business are. This way, customers are more entertained than by reading through a website. Good videos are short, catchy and memorable. With Ken’s web commercial, their narrator tells the company’s story in a friendly, trusting tone which sends good energy to viewers.

Statistics show that:

  • 80% of people recall a video that they viewed in the past 30 days
  • Companies with web video gain 41% more traffic from search engines
  • According to 70% of marketers, video creates more conversion between customer and business
  • 77% of customers say they use video before buying something

Blu Bambu took these statistics into consideration before creating Ken’s web commercial. They wanted it to be informative as possible to viewers and send a good message about the company’s products and services. By making a video to post onto Ken’s website, they can now also take that URL on their video to post onto their social media accounts and emails.

Types of video marketing include:

  • Profile and channel video
  • Web commercial
  • Aerial Videography
  • Motion Graphics Video
  • Explainer Videos
  • Promo Videos
  • Sports Videos
  • Recap Videos


Tour of Ken’s Workshop

Blu Bambu filmed inside and outside of Ken’s Reproductions to show the working environment of the headquarters. They put focus into some of the services/products that Ken’s Reproductions provides which include:

  • Signs
  • Business cards
  • Colored prints
  • Wall and floor graphics
  • Banners

Customers can see the quality of prints before going to Ken’s Reproductions to do business.

To make filming Ken’s Reproductions’ web commercial, Blu Bambu provided:

  • Actors
  • Multiple location filming
  • Video production
  • Video editing
  • Drone footage
  • Audio
  • Lighting

Benefiting After Filming

After Blu Bambu finished producing the web commercial, Ken’s Reproductions saw an increase in website traffic. They had a higher number of production requests and inquires.

What made this web commercial successful? Blu Bambu focused on:

  • Developing a good script
  • Making every detail look good on camera
  • Editing footage
  • Uploading video and optimizing for search

For any video marketing needs, look up the list of services provided by Blu Bambu:

And to make a consultation with Ken’s Reproductions, check out:

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