4 Powerful Marketing Tips to Increase Sales for Your Business

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Draw them in with these marketing tips

We got a lot of information for this week’s web series ‘’Around The Block Talk (powered by Blu Bambu) regarding powerful tips and tricks for getting the sales numbers you’ve been wanting from your marketing. In this week’s post, Los talks about 4 powerful marketing recommendations to help boost your sales numbers: Branding, Website, Video and Local SEO.

Keep in mind that you need to make your business as professional, welcoming and on point as possible to keep your customers happy and draw-in new potential customers. Enjoy and make sure to implement the following recommendations if you haven’t already done so.


“In my experience as someone who owns a business, I’ve learned that these points have in fact helped us get our sales higher, helped attract a lot of customers and helped build outstanding rapport and relationships with them. We’ve become their number one go to company for marketing.”

– Carlos, CEO of Blu Bambu


  • Make sure you have a face for your company like a logo. Making that look as professional as possible will burn into your customer’s brains and have them know who and what you are. Design something that says, hey I’m legit, give me a chance.
  • Consider updating all your information to look as professional as possible. It’s about the little thing that will attract your present and future customers. That includes valuable information such as:
    • brochures
    • pricing
    • logo
    • design
    • new services that your customers should know about
    • contact info
  • All those things will draw that potential customer closer to your business.


  • It’s known that 80-90 percent of customers will try and find your website.
  • Make sure to communicate your message as effectively on desk-tops and on mobile devices. Customers want to see more information to consider if you are the company to go with. This helps assist their decisions.
  • Your website is your most important Sales person. It’s the one that doesn’t take breaks, take long vacations and does their job 100% effectively. In fact, it’s your sales rep hard at work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


  • It shows that customers are more in tune when they are watching a video.
  • Make a promotional video, explainer video, marketing video or anything that will keep your customer’s focus.
  • Upload your video to your company’s YouTube channel, on your website, social media platforms, or advertise through paid videos ads. YouTube is a google search engine so that can help when customers are looking for your website.

Local SEO

  • Google My Business draws in more potential customers when they search for information on businesses that pertain to yours.
  • Having this one important account effectively works to show your customers how legit you are and how serious you are about earning their business. A lot of businesses forget to take this into account, but this actually builds the confidence your customers need when searching for info about your business, products and services.

So, if you haven’t tried to take this step to boost your business sales and gain those customers, try it and watch your sales numbers shoot up like a rocket.

In Conclusion

Just spending the extra effort in these areas will do wonders for your business. Try these powerful marketing recommendations and watch how far it can take you from a small business to – who knows? An empire! What do you have to lose?

The more important question is, what can you gain?

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