Finding More Sales Through Your Customer’s Journey

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Mapping the Journey

When I was a kid, my parents would get ready for road trips by grabbing the essentials for the drive. They would get snacks and drinks so we wouldn’t have to buy them along the way. They would make sure the CDs were in the bag so we could swap them out. And they always grabbed a map of the state we were visiting. Sure, they would print out the directions to the destination, but they always had the map as a backup.

A clearly defined customer journey is like a map for your advertising. It will tell you what to focus your messaging on. It will tell you which platforms are going to help you reach your clients. It will help you find new ways to advertise when one route doesn’t provide the best results. It will help you understand and sympathize with your customers.

“A clearly defined customer journey is like a map for your advertising.”

Defining the Journey

If we break the Customer’s Journey down into a story we get this progression.

The Customer:

  1. Pursues a goal
  2. Encounters a problem or obstacle
  3. Seeks and becomes aware of a solution
  4. Acquires the solution
  5. Overcomes the obstacle
  6. Achieves their goal


We have included a PDF worksheet below which guides you through several questions about the customer’s journey. Understanding your customers journey will form the foundation for all your marketing efforts going forward and set you up to tell your brand’s story to your customers. In the next post we will walk you through telling your brands story in a way that connects with your customers and clients.

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Download Worksheet: Finding Your Client’s Journey

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