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Marketing Is a Game Changer

Marketing is by its very nature a time intensive process. The results of what you do today will not be visible for weeks or months. And they won’t be easily measured. But if you delay getting started because it’s not convenient or it’s cost is higher than you would like, then you will never see results.

“Marketing requires your attention – constantly.”

Plan Ahead

Since the economic slow-down began a couple months ago, most businesses have dropped their marketing altogether, with good reason. But with quarantines beginning to lift and sectors of the economy looking to open up once more, it’s time to look at restarting your marketing efforts.

But before you do, double-check your marketing so you don’t double-down on campaigns that weren’t working before the crisis.

Here are five areas that you should consider as you prepare to restart your marketing.

1. Audience
2. Messaging
3. Timing
4. Platform
5. Purpose

In Conclusion

Take some time to consider each of these (and check out the infographic for 10 questions you can ask about these areas) so your marketing will be a help and not a hindrance.

And if you want someone to help you review your marketing plan, reach out to us at Blu Bambu for a free consultation. We are ready and happy to help.


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10 Questions to Ask Before (Re)Starting Your Marketing

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