5 Reasons Why Your Marketing Fails

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Marketing, the Gigantic Mystery

The only real difference between good marketing and bad marketing is whether or not it works. Identifying what makes marketing work is viewed as this gigantic mystery. While there are a myriad of technical reasons why your ads under-perform, your ads and marketing will always fail if they don’t connect with your market.

Here are 5 reasons why your marketing isn’t connecting.

“Your ads and marketing will always fail if they don’t connect with your market.”

Your Target Audience is TOO Big

If you keep your message generic, because anyone could use your product, then people who would be interested in your product won’t be able to understand how your product is useful in their circumstances. The problem here is when you talk to everyone, no one knows when to listen. And since your market gets hit by ads constantly they have mastered the art of ignoring things that don’t speak directly to them.


You Created a Clever Campaign that Wasn’t Clear

Nothing kills a sale faster than confusion. Puns and other clever turns of phrase miss more often than they hit. Don’t get me wrong, I love to create punchy little statements that have a lot of depth to them. But if those statements muddle the message, then you are creating confusion. If you have to choose between being clear and being clever, be clear.


You Talk Up Your Products or Services Technical Specs

Finding a target market that understand the technical details of your services is amazing. We all love clients who understand the value of what we provide. But most of the time, the people we help don’t think in terms of technical minutiae. They think in terms of how this helps them attain their larger goals. So your marketing should help them understand how your product or service will fix a problem, fill in a gap, or make their goals more attainable. If you don’t what their goals are, take a closer look at who they are. Get specific. If you sell running shoes and your target market is long distance runners, you may want to talk about how your shoes are just as comfortable to run in after 100 miles as they were when they first put them on.


You Post Your Ads and Content in the Wrong Places

Did you know that there is something worse than your ad being ignored? Think about an ad that appeared out of place. Like YouTube’s ad for premium membership that pops up CONSTANTLY. My thought when I see that ad, is “Not now. Not ever. Leave me the hell alone.” An out of place ad is at best, ignored and at worst, hated. Know where to put your ads, so that when people see them, they don’t squint and tilt their heads.


You do Your Marketing Yourself

The easiest way to fail in your marketing is to try to do that in addition to running your own business. To do marketing well, you need to be able to devote your time and energy to it. And you have to have understand a lot of intricate details. Which is why you NEED someone on your team that knows marketing, is able to understand and communicate your brand efficiently, and keeps you from getting overloaded. That’s why we’re here. We love applying our specific knowledge to your problems.


In Conclusion

You can have the fanciest looking marketing in the world. The best design, the best video content, the best images, but if the messaging is off, all of that effort is for nothing.

You marketing will always come out better when you first nail down your messaging so that it’s clear and to the point.

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