About Blu Bambu


Carlos Mireles

Founder, Creative Director & Designer

Hi, I’m Carlos and I’m the founder of Blu Bambu.

I started Blu Bambu Design to help empower business owners (English and Espanol) through high-quality designed marketing (specializing in VIDEO, WEBSITES & BRANDING)… because how else can businesses flourish without a powerful ‘Marketing Ecosystem’?

Since I was 12 years old, I remember sketching logos of big brands like Vans, Billabong, and many other major surfing brands. I got so excited about my designs; I would send my logos to the companies in hopes of them discovering my unwavering talent.

Over 2 decades later, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses with their design & marketing.

With so much noise and nonsense in the marketing space, our team has learned what works & what definitely does not work.

Meet the Team

Fa’al Yamin Ali

Cinematographer & Editor

Tim Barber

Web Developer & Copywriter

Celia Herrera

Designer & Web Developer

Archie Villeda

Designer, Illustrator & Social Media Manager

Rachel Chesbrough

Copywriter & Script Writer

Stephanie Krubsack

Copywriter & Social Media Manager

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