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Blu Bambu is a marketing and multimedia design firm that creates VIDEO, WEBSITES, & BRANDING for businesses in Denver, Colorado.

We create high-quality design in English and/or Spanish through 1) our structured, streamlined process and 2) a pleasant client experience.

Our goal is to efficiently and effectively provide eye-catching, engaging marketing material for our clients.

Carlos Mireles, Creative Director and Founder

Hi, my name is Carlos and I’m the founder of Blu Bambu.

I started my company to help empower business owners (English and Espanol) through high-quality designed marketing (specializing in VIDEO, WEBSITES & BRANDING)… because how else can businesses flourish without a powerful ‘Marketing Ecosystem’?

Since I was 12 years old, I remember sketching logos of big brands like Vans, Billabong, and many other major surfing brands. I got so excited about my designs; I would send my logos to the companies in hopes of them discovering my unwavering talent.

Over 2 decades later, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses with their designs and marketing.

With so much noise and nonsense in the marketing space, I’ve learned what works and what definitely does not work.

Shraya Ranjitkar, Marketing Manager

My name is Shraya Ranjitkar and I am the Marketing Manager for Blu Bambu Design, a marketing firm in Denver, Colorado. Blu Bambu is dedicated to helping their clients tell their story with a modern, creative approach. My job responsibilities on a daily basis revolve around writing content for Blu Bambu’s website and social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

When it comes to summarizing our work, I make sure to capture what Blu Bambu has accomplished as well as incorporating our clients’ businesses and why they are great. I also help run the Blu Bambu blog which is written to give out marketing pointers and advice on how different marketing techniques work. These blogs also mention how those marketing techniques helped our clients and why other people should also use them in their own marketing endeavors.

I have always had a passion for writing and being creative. My educational background is merchandise marketing and I have spent time learning about how marketing has evolved in the world of communication and in the media. I enjoy exploring new places and getting inspired from new environments I visit and the people I meet.

The biggest social media platforms I use myself are Instagram and Snapchat because I love visuals and capturing great moments when they are happening. These hobbies of mine tie into my job because there is a constant need for creativity and documenting events. I feel like it is important to keep up to date with today’s technology and trends because marketing is always changing and improving.

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