How to Measure Consistency

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How do you measure consistency?

As marketing professionals, we love to talk about consistency. It’s the thing we find ourselves talking about with almost every client we help (even when we didn’t plan to bring it up). But measuring it and evaluating it seems like an open and closed book. You may think it would look something like this:

“Were you consistent?”


“Ok. Next time be consistent.”

But there is more to it than that.

Consistency with Content Creation

First, we consider whether we were consistent when it came to creating content. Were we playing catch up or did we have everything ready on time? Was the content consistent in it’s quality? Were there any breakdowns in the consistency in any area and what caused them?

Consistency with Publishing Content

The next thing you should consider is the timing of when you posted. Did you post at a consistent time every day? Did you post every day or just the same day of the week? Did we stick to the plan or did we have to improvise?

The Why Behind the Problems

While we do look at the issues themselves, we can’t neglect the why behind the mistakes in consistency. Which means we will need to look more closely at the answers to the questions we just asked. We will look at why we weren’t on schedule so we know whether it was something we could have planned for, something we need to account for in the future, or something that was simply beyond our control. Once we have figured out why things went wrong, we can begin planning ways to prevent those issues in our next campaign.

A Couple Points to Remember

The real world is messy. No plan you make can be used perfectly, so when you are going to evaluate your consistency to that plan and to the other elements of your plan, remember to give yourself room to make mistakes while still holding yourself accountable. And don’t worry about having a perfect evaluation of your consistency. It’s one element of a larger evaluation which we will be showing you over the next couple weeks.

If you have any questions about how it works, or whether you are doing it right, you can always send us a message. We would be happy to hear from you.

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