Ping HD is a digital signage service that provides digital menu boards, digital information boards and digital signage kiosks. Customers can create customized signage solutions for their company and Ping HD will provide planning and installation. They also help with content writing, designing and maintenance of the signage.

“Our digital signage networks are backed by digital signage software that is efficient and quick. Our strategy team will plan and design a network that will deliver results like increasing your sales, enhancing brand awareness and improving customer experience. We offer the best digital signage software with great features and a simple, user-friendly design. Content changes can be made immediately from any computer, tablet or smart phone with an internet connection.¬†Our system requires no onsite servers or software to purchase.” – PingHD

Find more about PingHD here: http://pinghd.com/why-pinghd/


The Blu Bambu team made this video possible by:

  • Video editing
  • Video production
  • Voice over video
  • Video text and graphics
  • Audio


  • Companies get to see work examples done before partnering with PingHD
  • Shows multiple big names PingHD has worked with
  • Shows different types of signage PingHD offers
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